Home Stats Graphs Account
Home Stats Graphs Account
Total Miles Tracked: 0
Total Stops Made for Gas: 655
Total Gallons Consumed: 9,447.49
Total Spent on Gas: $18,309.69
Average Distance Between Fills: 294.25
Maximum Distance Between Fills: 524
Average Miles per Gallon: 21.50
Maximum Miles per Gallon: 158.26
Average Cost per Gallon: $2.11
Maximum Cost per Gallon: $4.00
Average Cost per Fill: $27.95
Maximum Cost per Fill: $60.79

GasTracker is a web-based application for tracking vehicle gas performance. It relies on a simple administrative user-input mechanism and generates a series of comprehensive graphs and tables for public-facing users to see. The service is entirely free of charge. Get started today and begin tracking your mileage in a fun and easy way.

The goal of GasTracker is to help users accurately measure gas performance. Statistical views compare your car's performance versus those in your area, the entire world, and also against manufacturing claims.

Given enough interest in the project, we'd be happy to develop an application for both the iPhone and Android platforms.

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